About us
Taiwan Well Guarder Company has been set up in Taichung in 2000 and began entering surveillance market. We are the largest agent for Chateau V-Guard’s products in Taiwan. We make continuous efforts to promote educational digital DVR and develop transferring the traditional analog into the digital hard drive. Currently, we are the largest DVR and surveillance equipment vendor in Taiwan domestic market. Our customers are widespread to the bank, the military, government agencies, Chain stores, factories and private companies.

Company history
In 2002, we obtained PIXORD IP CAM and VIDEO SERVER distribution. We promote the internet monitoring equipment, internet video transmission, storage, and control Total Solution. After our hard effort, our company is the Number One for shipping quantity in Taiwan surveillance market.
In 2003, we set up branch office in Taipei in order to sale and service the northern region dealers. During this period, we also got distribution rights for YOKO cameras, VIVOTEC cameras and Monitor peripheral equipment sales. We are extremely proud to be recognized by A&S magazine as the best dealer in the same year, 2003.
In 2004, we forecasted the huge potential for mobile surveillance market. We therefore started cooperating with communications operations ISP industry, fixed-line operators, Netcom operators, camera operators and software development platform integrators. Henceforth, we produced many new products by closely working with these companies. For instance, we combined action SNG with DV action SNG with DVR and CAM that end user can watch live Video through the internet and 3G mobile simultaneously.
In 2005, we set up a "digital computer monitoring mechanism and service centre" by means of enhancing after-sales service system and resolving competition confusion caused by machinery orphans. At the same time, engineering department reduce depending on cooperative skills with the manufacturers and started to assemble our own brand sales mode.

 In 2006, we started promoting our own-brand products and trademarks. In the same year, we gained "Ever record" from the Ministry of Economic Affairs. A series of DVR products are included in ever record brand sales. Meanwhile, we were evaluated as the best DVR brand by safe and A &S magazine.
In 2007, we keep on growing DVR Marketing, and produce own CCTV products by OEM at the same time.
In 2008, we be involved in international marketing.

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